Virtual Private Web Hosting


What is a virtual private server?

A Virtual Private Server is a combination of a dedicated server and a typical shared hosting account. With a Virtual Private Server you still share system resources like the CPU and memory with other users, but the file system is setup so that you can’t tell that there are other people using the serve. In this way, it acts like a dedicated server. The CPU, memory, and other resources are setup so that every person is only allowed to use a certain percentage of all resources available. This assures all users of server resources and it doesn’t allow any individual to monopolize the resources.

Is a virtual private server right for me?

If you know that your website takes up too many server resources to be allowed on a shared server, then a virtual private server should be something you should be taking into consideration. Virtual private servers are cheaper than dedicated servers, and if it could save you some money, then it’s worth looking into.

It would be a good idea to call a few web hosting companies that offer virtual private servers to be sure that it’s what you need for your website.

Why is a virtual private server so much cheaper than a dedicated server?

The reason for the price difference is that with a dedicated server, there is one person using the resources, and with a virtual private server, there are several people sharing the resources. Do all web hosting companies offer virtual private servers?

Unfortunately, many web hosting companies don’t offer virtual private servers as a part of their hosting plans, but there are many that do and I’d like to help point you in the right direction.

Here are a couple good web hosts that do offer virtual private servers and are worth looking into.

As far as virtual private server web hosting goes, we couldn’t find a better offer than Startlogic’s. For only $14.95/month, you can have your website hosted on a virtual private server without the normally high costs. With the $14.95/month you with receive 5 GIGs of storage, 100 GIGs of bandwidth per month, and multiple domains. If you’ve been looking around for a virtual private server then you know what a great price this is.

Whenever anyone sees a low price, a question of quality always comes up and with Startlogic, quality does not have to be a concern. They are one of the top web hosting companies on the internet, especially for virtual private server hosting. Their customer support and reliability will make you happy as a customer.