Cloud Hosting: A Fully Scalable Solution


Everyone working in technology and develop web applications recognize that there are times when a project is started, it is not known for sure what the possibilities of development that may be required. Many times, executives of the companies change their mind halfway and good, what appeared to be simple, it becomes a complex and demanding job. It is then, when the web host needs to be sufficiently flexible.

The new hosting services in the cloud have made a big difference in the way people work, especially for web application developers. Previously, information flows depended on the technical capabilities of a single machine, that is, the server hired by the client. Both hard disk space and data transfer speed, and the operating system, everything was determined by the characteristics of the team.

The big problem of the traditional hosting system is rigid because when customer requirements change, the servers do not have the ability to adapt quickly. If for example a client abruptly increases the amount of data transmission, the servers may be slowed or, in the worst case, collapse. The solution usually involves buying new machines with greater capacity, then devote to migrate data and update all tools and applications. This results in the background, in a higher cost of investment in technology and time for customers.

The new VPS hosting system for its acronym in English Virtual Private Server or Virtual private server is much more flexible and represents a tremendous change in the history of technology, as it is fully scalable.

“Cloud hosting is adapted to customer requirements, so you no longer have to worry about the technical characteristics of server. All resources can be adjusted in real time according to the needs of the moment, from any computer, as space where information is received is completely virtual, “said Carlos Villarroel, manager of administration and Hostname projects leading VPS hosting services company.

In this way, customers can manage one or more projects, working in parallel, with different platforms without any problems. They can also, for example, increase processing capacity on key dates of peak demand, or change operating systems without interrupting normal operation of the web project. All these features place it as the service ideal for developers of web applications running in the cloud hosting.

With VPS hosting service hostname, you get the assurance that all will have the necessary technical support for migration projects and also only paid to the extent of what they require.