Success Of Business Is Determined By Right Choice Of A Web Hosting Company


The global trend today in the business world is to open up their businesses to people from all walks of life. This is achieved through having the business put on the internet. When the business enterprise is hosted in the internet, people from wherever they may be are able to know about your products. This means the products are able to reach an infinite number of people and removes geographical barrier in the way people conduct business.

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Entering the internet as a business forum for your venture is possible through finding a reliable web site to host your business. The web host will enable you to enjoy some services including storage space, bandwidth among other benefits. However, certain considerations have to be made when selecting the site to be your host.

One important element that you must take into account when choosing a host is the down time. The down time refers to the number of days in a year when the website is not operational. This may be occasioned by maintenance of the website or technical faults, which may cause it to run down. This is important because you do not want your business to be missing from the internet for a whole month as it can lead to significant loss of revenues.

From your host, you will also be able to enjoy email services. This makes all your staffs to have a business email that is readily identifiable with your business name. It therefore becomes quite easy for someone to guess your email address. The address is more in tune with the company brand and can be further customized.

The choice of the right web hosting company is very important as it determines the availability of the business on the internet. Remember to always do a lot of research before settling on a particular company. This will ensure that you end up with the best deal.

How To Find Cheap Affordable Web Hosting


A web hosting company basically provides storage space for websites and this is usually on hosted servers. Normally, the host will buy or rent the server after which they set up an address for the client. As a leaser of the web space, you will be required to pay a certain fee after a specific duration of time. When it comes to personal use, a single web page configuration will work just fine. However, for companies that require larger amounts of data, it must be able to accommodate large database protocols.

Web hosting can be a very expensive venture, especially if you opt for dedicated hosting. But the good news is that there are indeed ways of finding cheaper and affordable yet equally effective hosting services. You just have to do a lot of research and you will find the hosts.

The first step would be to decide the kind of website, which you want to host. If the main reason for the site is just a blog or a smaller site that you use to host your CV, then you will be contented with free hosting services such as Yahoo Geocities. This is not only affordable but also just as effective especially for a smaller website or a blog.

You can avoid paying for what you do not necessarily need by ensuring that you choose the kind of package according t your specific requirements. A smaller website or one that does not expect a lot of traffic can be run on a cheaper package. In addition, avoiding a dedicated package is one way of cost cutting insofar as web hosting charges are concerned.

Finally, you need to shop to determine which web hosting company offers the best rates. Being so many on the web, they are likely to charge very different prices. You can ensure that you are not being overcharged by doing research on the different companies available as well as what they charge.

How To Successfully Start And Grow A Web Hosting Business at Top 10 Website Hosting


With the advent of the internet, thousands of opportunities have arisen for ordinary people to take advantage of. You could venture in this field and build a massive online empire that earns you income for the rest of your life. However, you have to remember that the success of your business will be determined quality of services which you offer to clients. The following are some of the things you can do to attract and retain customers.

Marketing of the website is very important. You could advertise it on the net as well as on the social media. Sending emails to potential clients as well as newsletters is also another strategy that could spur growth of your online business. The emails could be randomly sent to as many people as possible.

Another thing is to have a website, which has interesting article content that attracts readers by themselves. Have an interactive segment where readers are invited to leave comments. You can also have a facebook page where you invite your fans to discussions in the social media. Social media marketing strategies is very effective tool for this assignment.

Perhaps the best marketing strategy ever is to engage in provision of services that are beyond reproach. As you start up, provide to your clients reliable services such as top notch security, better quality and so on and so forth. Start off with a relatively lower price so as to attract clients. Later on, you can adjust it upwards to conform to the standard rates.

Like any other business, web hosting requires determination and seriousness for it to succeed. Robust marketing strategies will go along way into ensuring that your business becomes a success. Success may not come overnight; you have to really work for it, just as with other business ventures.

Search Engine Optimization Basic Ideas


What is Search Engine Optimization?

More commonly referred to as SEO, it is the way that webmasters build their site in order to receive better results in the search engine rankings. Although there is a lot to it, that is basically all it is.

Why should I consider using SEO techniques when I build my website?

If you want people to see your site then the best way to do that is through search engines, and without using proper SEO techniques you will be a lot less likely to get search engine traffic. Granted, if you don’t use SEO on your site you may still get some search engine traffic, but it will be minimal.

How do search engines see my website?

Search engines have machines referred to as spiders that search through all of the information on the web and categorize it. These spiders look through your website and record all of your content and links. They also keep track of how many other websites link to your site. Based on their search they determine how relevant your site’s pages are compared to other sites for the keywords and content contained on your site. Then when words or phrases relevant to your website are typed into a search engine your website will be ranked according to it’s relevancy for a particular search.

It seems so arbitrary. How do I know how my site will do for a particular search?

It is arbitrary in the sense that you won’t be guaranteed of getting ranked for any particular search and the search engines won’t tell you exactly how their ranking algorithm works because if they told us exactly how it worked then it would be exploited.

That being said, there is a method to the madness. Search engines have a goal of delivering useful and relevant results to search engine users so if you organize your website in such a way as to make it friendly to search engines with lots of relevant content and links then you will have an excellent chance of success in getting search engine traffic to your website.

In the development of my site, at what stage should I consider SEO?

Every stage of website development should have SEO in mind. Even the act of choosing your domain name is important for SEO. You can go back and optimize your site if it’s already built, but it’s much easier and more effective to use SEO throughout the entire development of your website.

Should I hire a professional to do SEO on my site or should I do it myself?

Hiring a professional to optimize your site can cost anywhere from $500 up into the $1000s of dollars. For most people, hiring someone to optimize your site is just not within the budget. However, if you have a lot of money to spend and no time to learn how to do it yourself then hiring professional help is a good option. We’ve never hired a professional SEO company so we can’t really recommend a good one, but we can tell you to do your research before you make a decision because there are a lot of very shady SEO companies out there that use unethical and illegal techniques that can actually get your site banned from search engines. To find a good SEO company we recommend typing SEO services and similar phrases into search engines and finding several companies that offer these services. Call them and ask them questions about what they do and try to get a feel of how trustworthy they are. Also, try to find out if the companies have been accused of any scams. If the company name is XYZ Corp just type XYZ corp scam into Google or another search engine and see what comes up. If a lot of people are claiming this company to be a scam then there just might be something to these claims.

Hiring a professional is too expensive. If I do it myself, where can I find the information I need to do it?

There is plenty of information out there for you to learn SEO yourself. Some of it is free while some of it you will have to pay for, but the price of educating yourself is only a small fraction of what it would cost you to hire a professional to do it for you.

Virtual Private Web Hosting


What is a virtual private server?

A Virtual Private Server is a combination of a dedicated server and a typical shared hosting account. With a Virtual Private Server you still share system resources like the CPU and memory with other users, but the file system is setup so that you can’t tell that there are other people using the serve. In this way, it acts like a dedicated server. The CPU, memory, and other resources are setup so that every person is only allowed to use a certain percentage of all resources available. This assures all users of server resources and it doesn’t allow any individual to monopolize the resources.

Is a virtual private server right for me?

If you know that your website takes up too many server resources to be allowed on a shared server, then a virtual private server should be something you should be taking into consideration. Virtual private servers are cheaper than dedicated servers, and if it could save you some money, then it’s worth looking into.

It would be a good idea to call a few web hosting companies that offer virtual private servers to be sure that it’s what you need for your website.

Why is a virtual private server so much cheaper than a dedicated server?

The reason for the price difference is that with a dedicated server, there is one person using the resources, and with a virtual private server, there are several people sharing the resources. Do all web hosting companies offer virtual private servers?

Unfortunately, many web hosting companies don’t offer virtual private servers as a part of their hosting plans, but there are many that do and I’d like to help point you in the right direction.

Here are a couple good web hosts that do offer virtual private servers and are worth looking into.

As far as virtual private server web hosting goes, we couldn’t find a better offer than Startlogic’s. For only $14.95/month, you can have your website hosted on a virtual private server without the normally high costs. With the $14.95/month you with receive 5 GIGs of storage, 100 GIGs of bandwidth per month, and multiple domains. If you’ve been looking around for a virtual private server then you know what a great price this is.

Whenever anyone sees a low price, a question of quality always comes up and with Startlogic, quality does not have to be a concern. They are one of the top web hosting companies on the internet, especially for virtual private server hosting. Their customer support and reliability will make you happy as a customer.

A Guide to Choosing Small Business Web Hosting


With so many options in web hosting and the fierce competition that takes place between hosting companies, it is easy for small businesses to find reliable and affordable web hosting. There are many things to consider when choosing a when host for your website, and you should compare the services of at least a few hosting companies before choosing one. Before you start looking at hosting companies, decide what your business needs. Will your small business website require dedicated hosting because it will require large amounts of bandwidth, storage space, and get a lot, 10,000 or more, visitors per day? Or, will shared hosting fit your needs if your website does not require as much space?

You should also consider what type of features your website needs, it is purely informational or will you need to integrate order forms, shopping carts, and payment options? Some hosts make it easy for you to set up an ecommerce website and others do not, the type of hosting you will need is be determined by the features your website will possess. If you are not a web designer by trade and cannot afford to hire one for your website you will also need to consider how easy it will be to set up your website and how much knowledge of scripting, HTML, and file transfer you will need to set up your website. Some hosts offer website building packages with their hosting which makes it relatively easy to create a website without too much technical knowledge but you will end up paying a little more and loose some functionality.

It is possible to find hosting for your small business for as little as a few dollars a month for shared server hosting or as much as a few thousand dollars a month for a dedicated server. Once you know how much bandwidth, storage, and space you need and determine which hosting solution, shared or dedicated is best for your small business, you can then evaluate the different features of various hosting companies, including price, to determine which is best for you.

You will want to look at factors such as uptime, technical support, cancellation, upgrade and transfer policies, as well as how long the host has been in business and any complaints or awards they may have in the community. Uptime is related to reliability and will tell you how often you can expect your website to be unavailable to web surfers due to hosting technical issues. Most hosting companies that have good uptimes will advertise this; some of the major hosting companies advertise 99% uptime however no matter how reliable a host is if you run a website for long enough you will encounter at least a few technical glitches from your hosts end. You should also consider the amount of technical support you will receive from a host and make sure you choose one that will fit your level of expertise. If you know you will need help make sure you pick a host with good tech support. Take a good look at their policies as well to make sure you will be happy if you decide to cancel, transfer your site, or upgrade your hosting plan.

How Safe Are the Web Hosting Services Linux?


In general, web hosting services are Unix and Linux platforms known to be more stable, reliable and secure web hosting. However, it all depends on your provider. If a supplier provides a service of economic web hosting on Linux and contains an excessive number of web pages on the same server on which your site is also housed, then there can always be potential for problems. On the other hand, if your web host ensures that only genuine and informative web sites are hosted on the web server, there are very low chances that there are security problems even arise every few years.

Selection of the best Linux hosting plans

Nobody can decide what is good and what is bad, but an individual or a company can definitely decide what is best for them. This also applies to the selection of Linux hosting plans. Depending on the features you require, you must choose a Linux hosting plan suitable and affordable you have everything that interests you. When you choose a Linux web hosting plan, you must disregard the characteristics that really is not going to be used, instead should focus only on those things, which will be used frequently.

E-commerce capabilities

Of course, e-commerce has emerged as one of the main aspects of web hosting. Not all web hosting providers the necessary support for e-commerce with the same quality characteristics and varies by hosting environment. However, when the web hosting options in Windows and Linux, the Linux hosting environment provides full support for all types of e-commerce functions are compared. Therefore, even if you are planning to launch an e-commerce site or an online store, you can use Linux hosting platform. As a fact, the Linux web hosting is ideal for e-commerce websites and sites, as they require higher levels of security, reliability and stability, which is powered by Linux hosting environments.

Pros of Linux Hosting

The main advantage of web hosting is of course Linux is open source and therefore FREE.

The Linux Web hosting services are very reliable and stable

The Linux-based web hosting is cheaper and easier to maintain

Linux web servers have the flexibility to use additional open source software.

Cons of Linux Hosting

The implementation and configuration is difficult compared to Windows hosting. The Linux hosting platforms can not support proprietary Microsoft as ASP code. NET and some extensions of Microsoft FrontPage and latest offerings. The user interface is not as friendly as Windows.

In a nutshell

The owner of a website decides on the requirements and codes programmer, not the operating system. Therefore, it is your choice to choose Windows or Linux hosting environments. The development environment and design website has no connection with the platform on which must be accommodated. However, the encoding platform must support the web hosting platform. Therefore, you must ensure compatibility before deciding to go ahead with development work. You should not be harmed due to hosting platforms Windows or Linux, as both have their own pros and cons. It is impossible to choose one of the two as superior, but depending on your needs you can choose the platform.

Remember that the needs of each owner of a website are unique. If your close friend is using Windows web hosting, that does not essentially mean that it would also be ideal for you. He / she may be running a highly interactive site or one based on ASP / .NET, as you may be thinking about creating your website with basic features such as blog, online gallery, shopping carts, discussion forums. Therefore, you should choose the hosting environment that is based solely on your needs.

Deciding whether or not to use Web Hosting Economic


Most beginners start their efforts webmasters online by searching for a cheap web hosting plan, ultimately choosing a shared plan that costs less than seven dollars a month in most cases. Unfortunately, after using a plan for a few months, many webmasters realize that it is not extensive enough to meet your current needs and constantly expanding. This is especially true for online business owners whose goal is to build a network of websites that generate residual income.

Although economic web hosting has its downfalls, there are times when it is the perfect solution. The following information will help you decide whether or not to use the services of cheap web hosting based on their needs, preferences and status as a webmaster.

Number of websites

If you already have or plan to build a network of websites, then you should know that a cheap web hosting plan probably does not provide enough server resources to properly accommodate its network of sites. Most economic web hosting plans operating in the shared environment of web hosting, which requires you to share a single Web server with dozens or even hundreds of other webmasters. This can become a problem when the server is overloaded with traffic, bandwidth is low and the performance of their websites suffer ultimately. Since you will be sharing a web server with other webmasters, their web sites are in the IP addresses that are within the same range as yours. This means that your site may be offline or penalized for the actions of another webmaster that belong to a website that is completely alien to yours. Therefore, if you are planning to build a large number of websites, you’ll want to consider VPS hosting or dedicated as a starting point.

Webmaster skills and Software Requirements

Surprisingly, economic cheap web hosting is usually the easiest to use, like many economic web hosting providers offer many tutorials and create videos inside the control panel of web hosting guide you through the process of various administrative tasks. The most expensive hosting plans also provide such documentation, however with a dedicated server or virtual private server partition is a bit more complex to use than a simple shared hosting plan. If you have the need to install and use web applications on your server, then you will not be able to use shared hosting, as it is not allowed to change the software configuration of a shared server.

Budget and upfront costs

Although it may seem as if the shared web hosting is the best solution for a webmaster on a low budget, in fact, the initial costs are many, if not more for a plan of shared hosting, as they are for a VPS plan. This is because most shared hosting providers require at least a year of advance payments, which (seven dollars a month) would be about $ 84 plus expenses for installation. Moreover, VPS plans (which vary greatly in cost from $ 10 to $ 200 depending on the amount of server resources included in the plan) allows the webmaster to pay monthly, and therefore have a more economic start.

Cloud Hosting: A Fully Scalable Solution


Everyone working in technology and develop web applications recognize that there are times when a project is started, it is not known for sure what the possibilities of development that may be required. Many times, executives of the companies change their mind halfway and good, what appeared to be simple, it becomes a complex and demanding job. It is then, when the web host needs to be sufficiently flexible.

The new hosting services in the cloud have made a big difference in the way people work, especially for web application developers. Previously, information flows depended on the technical capabilities of a single machine, that is, the server hired by the client. Both hard disk space and data transfer speed, and the operating system, everything was determined by the characteristics of the team.

The big problem of the traditional hosting system is rigid because when customer requirements change, the servers do not have the ability to adapt quickly. If for example a client abruptly increases the amount of data transmission, the servers may be slowed or, in the worst case, collapse. The solution usually involves buying new machines with greater capacity, then devote to migrate data and update all tools and applications. This results in the background, in a higher cost of investment in technology and time for customers.

The new VPS hosting system for its acronym in English Virtual Private Server or Virtual private server is much more flexible and represents a tremendous change in the history of technology, as it is fully scalable.

“Cloud hosting is adapted to customer requirements, so you no longer have to worry about the technical characteristics of server. All resources can be adjusted in real time according to the needs of the moment, from any computer, as space where information is received is completely virtual, “said Carlos Villarroel, manager of administration and Hostname projects leading VPS hosting services company.

In this way, customers can manage one or more projects, working in parallel, with different platforms without any problems. They can also, for example, increase processing capacity on key dates of peak demand, or change operating systems without interrupting normal operation of the web project. All these features place it as the service ideal for developers of web applications running in the cloud hosting.

With VPS hosting service hostname, you get the assurance that all will have the necessary technical support for migration projects and also only paid to the extent of what they require.

How to Get Cheap Web Hosting Service


It is interesting to know that quite a number of web hosting businesses have as well as continues to spring up today. Although this appears to be a good thing, it could similarly be a challenging task for an individual with little knowledge to find the best from the others. If you find it difficult to do this, you should be happy to learn some good methods here.

To start with, you would need to understand that not all the particular hosting services providers it’s likely you’ll find on the internet are able to provide high quality service near to the bold claims they make online. Among a few of the things, you’ll have to consider are the following:


It is usually amusing to see websites making just about all sort of juicy offers in the name associated with cheap web hosting. The fact typically is that those unrealistically cheap prices provide below average services. Aside from that, there are those that also do that just to get the attention to sign up to their services. It is because there are some concealed charges that might usually come up after you have purchased the services. Before you place yourself in this situation, you needed better-done some small background checks upon domain hosting and asked all the related questions to take the recognize exactly what you are paying for.

Size of disk space

Again, this can be something you wouldn’t need to gloss over considering what you need the service for. If you’re someone with the amount of data, you can’t overlook the size of disk space on offer. Thankfully, there are many great providers out there who provide unlimited area to take care of all that you need.


Remember that businesses with cheap domain names offer different packages when it comes to their particular services. Sometimes, the client would make an option that ends up to be a disappointment. For example, even though there are offers that allow you to increase as many subdomains since you may require, some other packages simply restrict the account to only one domain name. To this result, you would need to end up being double clear on issues of this particular nature to avoid any dissatisfaction.


Web hosting business is one of the sectors constantly obtaining research and development only aimed at giving players the best possible experience. Cellular this, you would need to give your focus on those with the most recent technologies in the system when it comes to web server hosting and dedicated web hosting encounter.